The Weekly Round-Up

Hidden Investors Exposed for Vitalis.

This week Shift News has broken the story exposing the hidden investors behind the Vitalis Global Healthcare. Despite this, there is still a hidden 30% ownership belonging to a shadowy figure.  The plot thickens since there does not seem to be any consensus even among the investors themselves.

Source: The Shift News

Caruana Galizia sons invited to European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament slammed Malta’s rule of law in an intense hour-long discussion within the Civil Liberties Committee on Thursday morning. Along with them there were also present the sons of the late heroine Daphne Caruana Galizia who reiterated the desperate situation in Malta.

While in the same breath thanking the committee for their hard work and the results they have achieved till now, the Caruana Galizias appealed to the MEPs not to give up their cause. Meanwhile, the government spokesperson points to the ratings the government and police force enjoyed compared to that of the media.

Ana Gomes, David Casa and Sven Giegold in Malta last December.
Source: Times of Malta

 David Casa will not back down.

Amidst claims of treachery and calls for arrest of David Casa, he stands strong in his beliefs that he is doing the right thing and will not back down. This is bringing forward the facts to the light and making sure justice is done.

“My loyalty is to the Maltese and Gozitan people. And it is my duty to expose criminal activity. So, I repeat: I will publish the conclusive FIAU report that will leave the Prime Minister with no choice but to remove Konrad Mizzi.” David Casa

Image result for david casa
Source: Times of Malta

PA and Planning ODZ

Two stories broke out on this subject this week, with the most important story taking centre stage being the Paceville tower.  The second story which mostly went under the radar was a statement about the volume of applications approved on ODZ land being over two thirds.

An artist’s impression of the 32-storey tower at the Mercury House site in Paceville
Source: Times of Malta

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