Press Release 26.01.18 – Ma Ssikkitnix

Awturi is proud to announce the launch of a new platform that will serve as a mouthpiece for all those suppressed from speaking out about governmental wrongdoing.

The impunity that we have been experiencing throughout the past months has been suffocating and profoundly demoralising. 100 days have passed since Daphne’s murder and nobody has shouldered political responsibility. The Planning Authority continues to issue permits that sanction the destruction of our heritage, our land, our space, our air quality, and thus, our health, with no deterrent or actionable remedy in place.

Impunity is not an occasional phenomenon that affects the national as a whole; underlying the public cases are citizens and workers suffering from political discrimination and unfairness. Awturi firmly believes that meritocracy is not simply an enhancement to democracy, but a quintessential component thereof. Cronyism has become the order of the day and favours are granted to the close friends, at the expense of those who deserve what they work for.

Hence, we launch the new web portal, ‘Ma Ssikkitnix: Anonymous Confessions of Discrimination & Corruption in Malta’. This platform is dedicated to providing a socio-political apparatus that will allow for the anonymous reporting of political discrimination and corruption in Malta, issues that surely affect hundreds of workers. The scenarios described to Ma Ssikitnix will be made published anonymously with all measures taken for the safety and discretion of those who come forward to vent their frustration and expose just how deeply the roots of impunity have been allowed to permeate in our nation.

We, therefore, appeal to every person who has been wronged, has witnessed political discrimination, corruption and environmental abuse. These are actions that tarnish our country’s integrity and condition the future of our children. The stories shared will be of solace to those who feel isolated and voiceless due to the way they have been neglected by administrative justice. To these people, we would like to say that you are not the only ones. One voice might not be effective enough, but many voices demanding justice in unison will guarantee change. We will never share names, personal information or details that might compromise your anonymity. Anonymity is guaranteed and all messages will be deleted once published from secure platforms. It is your stories that must be heard.

Please find the new campaign on this Link: https://www.facebook.com/MaSsikkitnix/

Kind Regards,

Featured in: The Times of Malta, Newsbook.com.mt



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