5 Vitals protagonists you should know about

The Vitals Saga is a long and complicated one that even the most pedantic novelists will suffer headaches trying to understand, which is why Malta’s foremost journalists are working hard to bring us the details.

If you’re struggling to keep up, we’re here to bring you bite-sized digests of the truly complex structures at work behind what should have been a relatively simpler handover of our hospitals.

  1. Ram Tumuluridenies-claims-of-bankruptcy

As the director and face of Vitals Global Healthcare, Ram Tumuluri was the first to raise eyebrows: the Pakistani-Canadian’s work record includes taking over a lakeside retreat hotel and making it financially broke in 18 months.

2. Mark Pawley 

Mark Pawley, the new owner of three privatised hospitals in Malta.

Pawley has a company in Singapore which owns a company in the BVI which owns another company in the BVI (which won the tender) and another company was formed in Malta which is owned by one of the companies in the BVI with other companies also formed in Malta.

3. Ashok Rattehalli

After being stabbed in the back by Ram Tumuluri who essentially took his investment away, Rattehalli filed a motion in court, through which we now know all this.

4. Konrad Mizzi

Godfrey Farrugia was sacked from Health Minister so that Konrad Mizzi, right-hand man of the Prime Minister, could sell our hospitals behind our backs without anybody knowing about any deals until months later.

5. ???

Somebody has a 30% ownership of Vitals Global Healthcare, but their name doesn’t show up in any of the documents submitted so far. “Where are 30% of taxpayer money and national assets going?” is the (multi-)million dollar question.


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