The Weekly Round-Up

PM lies about Keith Schembri, claims he will step down by next election

The Prime Minister has lied about Keith Schembri’s involvement in the film business. Answering a parliamentary question about whether Schembri had interests in the business, the PM replied “No.” Mr. Schembri is in fact a shareholder in Cinebiss, a firm offering film services. The Prime Minister also repeated his claim that he will step down before the next election, further fuelling speculation over his successors.

Doctors May Strike Again

The union for doctors and nurses has said doctors will probably strike again next Thursday and Friday over the Vitals deal. The MAM (Medical Association of Malta) will sit down to negotiate with the government next Monday, with further strikes to go ahead if results are not achieved. In a strike last Tuesday, doctors cancelled 1,800 appointments (emergency services were not affected). Government MP and blogger Glenn Bedingfield alleged that the doctors striked in order to disrupt “the best health service in 30 years” and accused doctors of being PN partisans.


Constitutional Referendum in the works

The Maltese electorate could vote in a referendum once a constitutional revision is hammered out, the Prime Minister has said. Amongst the changes he suggested, Prime Minister Muscat mentioned removing Catholicism as the official religion and rewording the neutrality provision. Dr. Muscat failed to include governance reform amongst the measures proposed.


European Parliament to Probe Citizenship Scheme

The Maltese government’s citizenship sale scheme is set to be investigated in a European Parliament probe. The EP will look into Malta and four other EU countries to investigate whether their citizenship practices make tax evasion, tax avoidance, and organised crime easier to carry out. The government has repeatedly rejected the allegation that Malta is a tax haven.

4 Pakistani citizens used AUM to get into Europe

Four Pakistani nationals who enrolled at the Sadeen Group’s American University of Malta never actually came to Malta, according to media reports. The four nationals received their student visas and subsequently went missing, reportedly using their visas to travel freely in Europe. The AUM currently has 15 students; it initially aimed to have 300.

Mount Carmel Hospital Conditions in question

Conditions at Mount Carmel Hospital, a hospital for mental health, have reached “rock bottom” according to nurses who worked at the premises. The nurses further said that the situation had been deteriorating for 10 years. Questions were raised again this week after a particularly vulnerable patient was left unattended, and was tragically found dead some hours later.


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