Daqshekk gideb. No more lies.

In response to the arrest of Pilatus chairman Ali Sadr by US authorities, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and others have made two arguments which we will debunk.

These are:

1. The application to set up Pilatus went ahead under the previous Nationalist government and was approved by the same MFSA leadership present under the PN.
2. The Ali Sadr arrest is unrelated to Pilatus Bank, thus the Bank should stay open.

Our replies:

1. The application was approved under the PL administration. The government has repeatedly and vehemently defended Pilatus Bank, so the argument does not stand.
2. Ali Sadr IS Pilatus. He owns the bank. He runs the bank. If Sadr is shady, his bank is too.

Daqshekk gideb. No more lies.

jm laugh


One thought on “Daqshekk gideb. No more lies.

  1. Pilatus Bank did not apply for a license during a PN administration but on 6/12/2013, with the license being issued in January 2014.

    This license was in fact issued in record time.


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