Something to hide

Jonathan Ferris has been denied whistleblower status for the second time.

This morning, a second appeal by whistleblower Jonathan Ferris to be granted official whistleblower protection was again denied. This is because a Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister requested he turn over all information to them before protection is given. In essence, Ferris was asked to put the information he has, which is incriminating to the Government, on the desk of the Prime Minister.

Ferris argues that he was fired from his job because his investigations revealed corruption at the highest levels of government. As a former employee of the FIAU (Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit), Ferris is bound by professional secrecy not to publicly reveal the content of these investigations – if he does, he’ll be put in prison for five years.

It is not surprising that Justice Minister Owen Bonnici lied to the European Parliament in January this year, when he said the government would not drag its feet over protecting Ferris. But it’s still hard to swallow that a Maltese citizen’s life is worth so little to a government with something to hide.



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