The Police knew.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica has revealed one of the most shocking aspects of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia so far. Maltese police had tapped the phone of one of the suspected killers before the murder took place, monitoring him for weeks before the murder.

La Repubblica revealed this as part of the Forbidden Stories investigation of stories pursued by Caruana Galizia in her lifetime. The media organisations taking part also include the New York Times, The Guardian and Suddeutsche Zeitung amongst others.

The revelation by La Repubblica can be summarised as the title of this post: The Police knew.

These are the options raised by this:

1. The (suspected) contract killers were smart enough to not be caught before the murder, even though at least one of their phones was tapped. They were also stupid enough to make a mistake – using the same phones used for the murder to call a friend, which allowed the police to identify them afterwards.

2. The police intercepting the calls made were so incompetent they did not apprehend the alleged killers before the murder, even though they had been surveilling them for weeks beforehand. This is another, and so far the most serious, reason for which the Police Chief should resign.

The other option is too horrible to comprehend. Did elements within the Police Force collude with the alleged killers who murdered a Maltese journalist in November 2017?


One thought on “The Police knew.

  1. What is so shocking in these revelations is that even had they not discussed the assassination on their mobiles, the killers had been located around DGC’s house for a whole 8 days before the murder. The police must have known their whereabouts and predict what was going to happen but chose to do nothing. Even if this was an honest mistake by the police, knowing this information, the killers should have been arrested on the day of the murder.


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