Dear Hon. Bartolo,

When allegations spring up in the media, public officials resign, pending the outcome of an investigation. The whole point of resigning is to make way for the whole truth to emerge without suspicions of tampering. Additionally, if an ex-minister is found guilty of money-laundering, it is much less shameful than if he still held public office.

Over 2 years ago, when the Panama Papers first cropped up, the individuals involved in serious money-laundering allegations had every opportunity to resign from both public office and the Labour Party. Since then, the evidence that has been investigated, reported and submitted to the courts.

In their positions, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri are capable of exerting influence that will undermine the rule of law by leaving them untouchable by the laws of our nation. The Caruana Galizia family has repeatedly filed judicial complaints to ensure their trial is fair – a fundamental human right in international law.

Instead of resigning to ensure a fair investigation and trial, the Leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat chose partisan interests over the responsible option.

Under the leadership of Joseph Muscat, the Labour Party has been dragged into the crosshairs of justice to protect the interests of the corrupt and the outright criminal. If they had done nothing wrong, they would have had nothing to worry about. All of it could have been avoided if these corrupt protagonists stepped aside and let justice take its course.


Even when Daphne Caruana Galizia, in pursuit of the truth as an internationally renowned journalist, was murdered, no political responsibility was assumed. The international consortium of journalists is interested solely to carry on Daphne’s work after it was evident that someone powerful wanted her silenced. The revelations published are meant to aid investigations.

To suggest that her work is being furthered to attack the Labour Party is delusional. If the Labour Party is harbouring corrupt politicians who are under investigation, then it will get hurt unless those politicians resign while investigations are underway.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-20 at 14.02.59

The nation’s name has been marred by corruption and murder. Even when black on white facts of serious crimes are shown for all to see, Honourable Minister, you insist on polarising the matter and creating divisions. It is a pity.

The truth is emerging, but if you try and manipulate it, you will be causing irreparable divisions to this country.

Those who are innocent have an opportunity to be on the right side of history, including the Labour Party itself.

Nobody stands to gain from seeing justice done except Malta.


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