A saga of corruption and mediocrity

A lot has happened over the past few weeks: the arrest of the chairman of Pilatus Bank and Labour’s propaganda offensive through the Puttinu donations, cannabis legislation, and crypto-currency investments.

We have now ended up with a team of eighteen news organisations (national, European and American) working together to continue the work of the late Daphne Caruana Galizia and to uncover the reasons behind her assassination.

And boy oh boy. What a few days it has been. An explosive few days reminding me a lot of the series called Scandal. Only this time, it is real.

It’s a reality in which the allegations levelled upon Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri have been proven right through the accumulation of evidence through emails, and Keith’s contradiction: He acknowledged the existence of 17 Black, unlike what was said last year. More so, apart from the confirmation of their money laundering activities, Karl Cini, through Nexia BT, in breach of LN 373.01, art.15 (Money Laundering Reporting Officer duties) withheld information by not cooperating with the FIAU.

However, the saga of mediocrity and corruption does not end there.

There were also fears that a government minister had colluded with one of the assassins in a bar in Siggiewi. In spite all this, rather than clearing the air and doing what the police should do – that is to investigate – we instead saw one of the Opposition’s MPs being taken for interrogation due to the distribution of posters. Adding onto this frustration is the fact that it has been uncovered that the police had not even questioned a single politician in relations to the murder.

Furthermore, we had also learnt that one of the assassin’s phones was being tapped by the Police before the murder. This continues to strengthen the idea that the police force seems to be compromised by a force of nefarious intent.

These are pressing matters: matters which have also spread around the world like wildfire as Europe’s and America’s most important papers have gotten involved; matters which without any doubt has given the Labour Party a massive headache.

Yet, it seems that the party in government has reacted in the same old way as it has with every scandal.  Apart from the usual whataboutisms, Labour employed the same narrative that was used in the last election, that this is a normal country being assaulted by a group of power hungry individuals.

Thomas Cassar Ruggier


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