Justice delayed is justice denied.

This morning, it emerged that EUROPOL had raised concerns about the Maltese police’s handling of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Europol executive director, Rob Wainwright, said that not only was there “room for improvement” in cooperation between EUROPOL and the Malta Police, but also revealed that multiple countries are now involved in investigating the murder.


Such revelations are not a surprise. In the past week it was revealed that the police had tapped the phone of suspect George Degiorgio for weeks before the murder. Despite this, they found no evidence which could help them to prevent Caruana Galizia’s assassination before it occurred. Besides, we also learned that the three suspected murderers were allegedly tipped off by a friend in the Police Force before their arrest – one of them, in fact, had written his partner’s phone number on his hand just before he was arrested.


The Police Force’s media liaisons responded quickly to the EUROPOL revelations, saying the Force had sought “urgent clarifications” from EUROPOL on the ‘room for improvement’ cited by the EUROPOL chief.


Their counterparts in the Force, however, are not so quick. On the contrary, the Police now seem to be delaying an investigation which looks shakier and shakier by the day. Police Chief Lawrence Cutajar, who has failed over and over to carry out his job, stays on as a puppet of the current administration – under his watch, the Maltese police have ceased to be investigative.


Delaying tactics will convince many people, especially those who will answer the Prime Minister’s call to attend a mass meeting in opposition to journalism. But they get us no closer to justice, and no closer to the restoration of the rule of law in this country. Justice delayed is justice denied.



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