’17 Black’ to be investigated

The Courts today ruled that the pre-existing investigation into the shady structures that have facilitated the movement of millions of euro has been extended to 17 Black, despite vociferous opposition and misinformation from the Government.

The courts’ decision confirms that there is, in fact, enough evidence to warrant an investigation on suspicions of criminal activity.

17 Black is a shell company based in Dubai through which Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri received potentially hundreds of thousands of euro. Association with the company had first been rejected by Schembri, but he later backtracked on his comments after Konrad Mizzi admitted his relationship with it.

The Government has failed to report on the matter in the national broadcaster and is repeatedly downplaying the evidence.

Unfortunately, news outlets portrayed the magistrate’s decision as being one absolving Minister Mizzi and Keith Schembri of suspicions. While a new inquiry will not be initiated, the subject matter will.

This means that the Government has nothing to boast about: its members are under a criminal investigation.

The events today are a step in the right direction, showing that the courts are a functioning check on the Government and that there is still hope for the rule of law to be upheld. In terms of the Labour Government, it is a battle lost in undermining every institution that could limit its power or hold it accountable for its actions.


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