Taxes, Politics and the wife.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, what was the road that we took to end up in the place we are in. Often times we note that this is a road of small concessions that slowly built leading us to places that we do not want to be in.

We’ve all been there: when we turn a blind eye after our friend got a parking ticket because we know someone who can take care of it; getting those few extra inches of land to build on. It doesn’t matter that your house is protruding. Now, you’ve built the biggest house in the neighbourhood… only for the rest to follow.

Avoiding taxes – just simple tricks – getting a bit creative with the books. Who cares that that tax money is needed to pay for our healthcare, our schools in dire need of funding, or our infrastructure?

Then we get to the point that the Prime Minister is able to bill the taxpayer for two hundred and fifty thousand euros (€250,000) on phone bills incurred just by himself and his team in one year.

Of course, it is the cost of international calls that rack the price up. Most people were happy to realize their costs went down significantly when the roaming charges where dropped. It seems the Government needs to catch up – unless the cost is not from Joseph calling his EU chums to chat about the best way to find a solution towards Daphne’s murder. He has that under control, or so he says.

No, it must be called towards his friend in the prison, in America, giving him support. Maybe calling Baku to plan the next clandestine international meeting between nations. You know, where one gets ripped off at twice the price for oil.

Michy mich 2.PNG

Taking the cake, however, is his wife Michelle Muscat, a person with no political role other than that of the wife of the Maltese Prime Minister. Using public funds not just for taking phone calls from her besty in Azerbaijan.

Public funds that are meant to educate our children, to fund our doctors, to provide for the needy. This is money that most people need five to eight years worth of wages to be able to dream of having. This is the kind of money being used overnight by the high and mighty, by someone who is neither deserving nor contributing, because of her money being tied up, if only we knew where…


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