’17 Black’ to be investigated

The Courts today ruled that the pre-existing investigation into the shady structures that have facilitated the movement of millions of euro has been extended to 17 Black, despite vociferous opposition and misinformation from the Government. The courts' decision confirms that there is, in fact, enough evidence to warrant an investigation on suspicions of criminal activity. … Continue reading ’17 Black’ to be investigated


We demand better.

Awturi condemns in the strongest terms a statement by political party PD characterising MP Julia Farrugia Portelli as a “village escort”. Whilst the statement was quickly taken down, the damage has already been done. This statement falls within a tradition of denigrating women who express political views and/or participate in the public space in any … Continue reading We demand better.

Justice and Truth

Jien min jien? Jien ċittadin Malti. Għawdxi. Student. Attivist. Zagħzugħ.   Jien min jien? Jien persuna li illum ma ħarġitx ma’ sħabha. Jien persuna li illum ma ħadmitx fuq it-teżi. Jien persuna li illum ma baqgħitx siekta. Jien persuna li flimkien ma’ grupp żgħażagħ ohrajn hassejna bzonn ta’ bidla ... U flimkien waqqafna l-Awturi. Awturi … Continue reading Justice and Truth

Justice delayed is justice denied.

This morning, it emerged that EUROPOL had raised concerns about the Maltese police’s handling of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Europol executive director, Rob Wainwright, said that not only was there “room for improvement” in cooperation between EUROPOL and the Malta Police, but also revealed that multiple countries are now involved in investigating the … Continue reading Justice delayed is justice denied.

A saga of corruption and mediocrity

A lot has happened over the past few weeks: the arrest of the chairman of Pilatus Bank and Labour’s propaganda offensive through the Puttinu donations, cannabis legislation, and crypto-currency investments. We have now ended up with a team of eighteen news organisations (national, European and American) working together to continue the work of the late … Continue reading A saga of corruption and mediocrity


Dear Hon. Bartolo, When allegations spring up in the media, public officials resign, pending the outcome of an investigation. The whole point of resigning is to make way for the whole truth to emerge without suspicions of tampering. Additionally, if an ex-minister is found guilty of money-laundering, it is much less shameful than if he … Continue reading Delusional.

The Police knew.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica has revealed one of the most shocking aspects of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia so far. Maltese police had tapped the phone of one of the suspected killers before the murder took place, monitoring him for weeks before the murder. La Repubblica revealed this as part of the Forbidden Stories investigation of stories pursued … Continue reading The Police knew.