What Mattered This Week – Your Weekly Round-Up

10 Years of 'Running Commentary' Daphne Caruana Galizia's blog, 'Running Commentary' turned 10 this week. The journalist founded the blog temporarily prior to the 2008 election but remained dedicated to upholding it. Activists used to occasion to commemorate her work in a candlelight vigil held in Valletta last Saturday, for which around 200 people attended, … Continue reading What Mattered This Week – Your Weekly Round-Up


What Matters This Week – Your weekly roundup

Steward announces Vitals concession deal, PN challenges deal in court Steward Healthcare, an American company, has announced a deal with British Virgin Islands company Vitals to take on the latter's concession of three public hospitals. It announced this a day after PN Leader Adrian Delia went to court to have the deal rescinded, on the … Continue reading What Matters This Week – Your weekly roundup

The Weekly Round-UP

Nurses Could Strike over Vitals Deal The MUMN, the union of midwives and nurses, looks set to order 200 nurses at Mater Dei to strike next Monday. This is due to concerns that the Vitals deal will harm health care workers. In other news, Ashok Rattehalli, who owns 10% of Vitals, has filed a second … Continue reading The Weekly Round-UP

The Weekly Round-Up

Hidden Investors Exposed for Vitalis. This week Shift News has broken the story exposing the hidden investors behind the Vitalis Global Healthcare. Despite this, there is still a hidden 30% ownership belonging to a shadowy figure.  The plot thickens since there does not seem to be any consensus even among the investors themselves. Caruana Galizia … Continue reading The Weekly Round-Up

The Weekly Round-Up (19/01/18)

Ferris Denied Government Protection  The government has denied whistleblower protection to former FIAU investigator Jonathan Ferris. Mr Ferris applied for protection under the Whistleblower Act, but according to his lawyers, protection has been refused unless Mr Ferris turns over all the information he has to the Office of the Prime Minister. Mr Ferris previously stated … Continue reading The Weekly Round-Up (19/01/18)

The Weekly Round-Up (12/01/18)

European Parliament report demands removal of Mizzi, Schembri  A report by the cross-party European Parliament delegation has called for the removal from office and investigation of those implicated in the Panama Papers and FIAU reports, namely Tourism Minister Mizzi and PM Chief of Staff Schembri. The delegation, led by socialist MEP Ana Gomes, also argued … Continue reading The Weekly Round-Up (12/01/18)

The Weekly Round-Up (05/01/18)

 Vitals Received Gozo Hospitals for €1 Vitals Global Healthcare, the British Virgin Islands company originally given a €2 billion concession to run three public hospitals in Gozo, was given the three hospitals and millions worth of medical equipment for €1 by the government. Media also revealed that Vitals failed to meet multiple deadlines but so … Continue reading The Weekly Round-Up (05/01/18)